2016 Kia cee'dKia Motors Europe has demonstrated the result of a comprehensive improvement of the well-known Kia cee'd. As you might know, this model is extremely successful and it is the foundation for the company's expanded sales in Europe over the recent years. And now Kia offers cee'd with even more dynamics and even better performance upgrades. So, let's see what is going on here.

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Kia's engineers have shaped cee'd's interior and exterior in a new and original way. Now the vehicle comes with fresh looks and improved drivetrain system. Cee'd is now geared with all-new three-cylinder 1.0-Liter T-GDI powerplant and numerous safety and comfort features. These changes and upgrades are applied to all the vehicles in the lineup, including the five-door cee'd hatchback, Sportswagon and the three-door pro_cee'd.

2016 Kia cee'd

The upgrades further demonstrate and some nice style changes to the high-powered cee'd GT and pro_cee'd GT models. The already wonderfully looking vehicles will now come with even greater visual lines and shapes. How cool is that?

And the upgraded models will come with a special "GT Line" specs, offering some sporty looks and improved dynamics along with enhanced versatility and comfort. In fact, the GT Lineup specs are also available on all the three cee'd body types: five door, Sports wagon and the three-door pro_cee'd.

The goodies come just in time for a special celebration. Having started in 2006, Kia team have witnessed the 1,000,000th Kia cee'd manufactured in Europe. Definitely an occasion for celebrating and setting even higher goals.

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