2016 Qoros 5 SUVSurprisingly, today the Qoros 5 SUV was unveiled in Milan, the European fashion capital. The vehicle is nicknamed "village SUV" by Qoros fans and today the only new model of Chinese Automobile Brand Promotion finally met the world.


Qoros 5 comes with clean lines, and expressive looks. And something more: this vehicle combines the three essential rules of design: symmetry, proportion and simplicity. And it really looks like designers managed to achieve a perfect blend between European simplicity and Eastern spirit. And with its own perception for the world, the Qoros 5 SUV really has that underlined block-like shaping and dynamic contour. The addition of 19-inch wheels and shark grill-shaped headlights and crown jewels just contribute to this special and appealing design.

2016 Qoros 5 SUV


There are three major trends that include the concepts for sharp wide-size headlights; strong front wheels and a dynamic hatchback tailgate. And you guessed it, Qoros 5 SUV incorporates all of them. And what the audience saw at the Milan Expo is a machine that demonstrates new ways of expressing itself, but at the same time remains obedient to the never-dying laws of aesthetics.

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You might well know that before this model, Qoros has produced three internationally acclaimed models and has won multiple global awards. And now, with the demonstration of the latest SUV at the Milan Expo, Qoros and other Chinese automobile brands will enable the world to witness the rapid growth of Chinese automobile industry.

2016 Qoros 5 SUV

Source: Qoros