2017 Acura NSXThe stunning and ground-breaking next-gen Acura NSX supercar will have a production version! It will make its debut in Southern California this Wednesday, November 18 at the Los Angeles Auto Show. Coming with aerodynamically-innovative and futuristic exterior, completed at the Torrance-based Acura Design Studio, the 2017 NSX will deliver cutting-edge technologies, advanced engineering wonders, comprehensive systems and tons of adrenaline. Now Acura team makes final preparations and is ready to start the production next spring.

When it hits the market, the ultimate NSX will definitely bring driving experience like no other. The supercar segment, achieved through futuristic cutting-edge Acura technologies and systems. It is obvious that the design team has passion for delivering only the most luxurious and incredible vehicles.

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As you may know, the NSX takes the central stage in America's largest supercar market and will be offered with never-before-displayed color. And also, it will be surrounded by a cast of highly capable stable professionals on the floor. Furthermore, starring at the show will also be the Acura TLX Sedan and the road fury TLX GT, plus the ILX sport sedan, RLX and RLX Sport Hybrid. And of course, Acura will also present the lass-leading RDX and MDX luxury SUV vehicles in order to complete the family circle at the show.

Source: Acura