The new Audi A9 which is coming in 2018 is planned to be the most luxurious and at the same time the most expensive model that the company has ever created. The concept is designed by Spanish designer - Daniel Garcia. It is going to be something you've never seen before and it will take the game to a completely new level.

The model will follow the basic lines of the current Audi Sportback, but at the same time it will use the modular building block platform (MSB) used in models of Bentley, Lamborghini and Porsche in a way the audience has never expected.

The A9 is equipped with a one-piece roof and windscreen, both made of nanotechnology materials creating the typical bold and innovatory outlook of the series. We are expecting professional details like original leather seats, wooden insertions and a brand new upgraded technology. The exterior and interior are described as a masterpiece of the modern age.

The driver will be able to change the opacity and the color of the vehicle with a single push of a button thanks to the nanotechnology embraced in the new A9. As you may already suggested it will be more than well equipped with the latest gadgets, high quality materials and perhaps an internal-combustion engine accompanied with four electric motors.

The new Audi offspring will be a bit naughtier by using a 3.0-liter TFSI engine and a V8 engine with a full power output of 500 horsepower. An option with a hybrid powertrain will be available as well. It will consist of a gasoline engine and an electric motor generating around 500 horsepower.

There are rumors that the A9 will offer both four-wheel and rear-wheel, but the possible transmission stays a mystery. The basic model will be launched in 2015, but in the process of development will be launched many more versions of A9.

The debut should be by the end of next year, and model will most probably be released during 2016. A coupe and convertible variants will cost around $100,000, while the sedan is raising the bar to $150,000.

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Source : Daniel Garcia Design via Facebook