Vorsteiner Lamborghini Gallardo Renazzo-V was proudly introduced as the latest creation of the tuners from Vorsteiner. The all-new Renazzo-V special program was specifically made for the famous Gallardo.

Renazzo-V program comprises of a full lightweight carbon fiber aerodynamic package that has been specifically developed for LP models (2009+) as well as the LP-570 superleggera models. The enhancement program for the Lamborghini is accompanied by a collection of 1-piece and 3-piece forged wheels available in either 19 or 20 inch sizes.

To be more precise the Vorsteiner Lamborghini Renazzo-V Tuning program consist of:

• Full Front Bumper Facia with Detachable Carbon Fiber Splitters • Carbon Fiber Side Skirt Blade Attachments • Full Side Skirt Panels with Integrated Rear Vents • Rear Quarter Pannel Vent Cover Attachments • Full Rear Bumper Replacement w/ Integrated Vent Openings • Carbon Fiber Rear Diffuser w/ Center Rear Diffuser Cooling Vent • Carbon Fiber Fixed Rear Wing Blade • 19 or 20 Forged Aluminium Wheel Collection

Source: Vorsteiner