The all-new Ford Fiesta has been named "Scottish Car of the Year 2008" at the 11th annual Association of Scottish Motoring Writers (ASMW) awards dinner in St Andrew's, Scotland.

A jury of 17 Scottish automotive journalists reviewed every new car available and, in an exhaustive selection process,  short-listed eight category winners. At the ceremony, the all-new Fiesta was crowned with the prestigious award thanks to its qualities of style, dynamic driving and value for money.

This is the second successive year that the ASMW has honoured Ford with the title of Scottish Car of the Year – in 2007 the award went to the Ford Mondeo.  Also this year, recognition was given to the new Ford Kuga, which collected the category award for "best 4x4 crossover" vehicle.

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The awards were presented by President of the ASMW, Bill Caven, who commented: "To win the Scottish Car of the Year once is a marvellous achievement for any manufacturer. However to triumph again the following year is absolutely unbelievable.

"The all-new Ford Fiesta was simply streets ahead of everybody else when it came to offering something fresh, dynamic and value for money. Within hours of getting our first drive in the car we were all blown away by the experience. And when you consider the high calibre of the other new models up for consideration it is a truly tremendous feat by the Blue Oval."   Continued

Bill added: "There is always a degree of trepidation amongst motor manufacturers when it comes to replacing a best-selling model with the next generation car. Will it live up to past reputation and appeal? Will it take the brand forward? Ford has maintained from the outset that the new Fiesta would set the benchmark in its sector. It has certainly delivered big time and been true to its word. This is going to be an enormous seller for them in the coming months, and deservedly so."

On receiving the award, Ian Slater, Vice-President Communications and Public Affairs for Ford of Europe, said:  "We are delighted the new Ford Fiesta has been voted the 2008 Scottish Car of the Year.  I am especially pleased for the Fiesta project team of designers and engineers, that their vision and hard work has been so generously rewarded.  Everyone at Ford joins me in thanking the Association of Scottish Motoring Writers for this accolade."