DeLorean-DMC-12-Electric-mediumThe DeLorean DMC-12 – your favorite time traveling machine – might end up back... to the future (bad pun intended). A US-based British businessperson has taken up reincarnating the Hollywood icon but not in the way you might be expecting him to do.

More than 80% of the original car will remain in it's original form. No ridiculously named paint jobs then. Good. The other 20% that will have to go however, account for the engine and the suspension. "Good again", you might think. The DMC-12's feeble oily bits were the main reason why the whole thing flopped commercially. But will an all-electric powertrain be any better? What we are promised here is power equal to 200 hp and a 60 mph acceleration of 4.9 seconds. That's time bending when you consider that the electric DeLorean will weigh with around 90 kg more because of the batteries. It's weight distribution also sounds wobbly – 35/65 front to back.

Inside the DMC-12 will be generally refurbished and "connected" to the present world with an iPhone docking station – appealing... But let's not jump on the hate bandwagon and wait until the release which will be sometime next year. If all works out fine, the reborn DeLorean DMC-12 might just be the greatest geek investment in the world.

Source: Prindiville Design