The next vehicle on the spot comes from my personally favorite brand Aston Martin. It is called DBX Concept and was again revealed in the Swiss city. It has the styling characteristics of its siblings but somehow it reminds me of a muscle car mixed with a Peugeot RCZ. It is obvious that the concept was created with the aim to bring some new insights to the luxury GT segment, like the sense of more practicality.

The brand even says that it focuses on family and eco-friendliness, which is true since the car runs on pure electricity. In addition, the design is harmonious and evokes powerful stance with hints to the future development of the brand. In other words, the all-wheel drive DBX Concept effortlessly incorporates the traditional Aston Martin beauty with the new engineering applied in it.

Exterior-wise, the body of the car is made of machined billet aluminum and has visible milling lines. The paint finish, Black Pearl Chromium, further strengthens the presence of the model, incorporating micro-fine layer of chrome. This helped the designers deliver a truly unique exterior paint, that can't be obtained via usual techniques.

The concept is suitable for four people and it features huge space available for the luggage. Inside, we see the purity of luxury applied via the cutting edge style and advanced technology.  Precisely, the standard materials used inside include Nubuck leather, sandwiched accent layer, gold ‘pin striping' element on the edging and more.

But this car, in my opinion, challenges the conventional thinking in other terms. First, DBX Concept needs no engine compartment. Why? Because it uses electric motors that are powered by lithium sulphur cells.

Other technology advancements that need to be mentioned are the drive-by-wire electric steering and the driver and passenger head-up displays. Not to mention the toughened glass with an auto-dimming ‘smart glass' inter-layer.

Active LEDs light the way of this concept, while carbon ceramic brakes with a kinetic energy recovery system (KERS) take care for the perfect stop. There are no conventional rearview mirrors here because they have been substituted with rear view cameras.

Despite that I really like this car, this question still bothers me: Could it be capable of catching up with the performance of a real, gasoline-driven, Aston Martin? There are no details regarding the power output of the model, or any performance figures. This "little" fact gives me the feeling that we won't see the DBX in production anytime soon.

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Source: Aston Martin