Audi Sport quattro concept comes to commemorate the 30th anniversary of the Sport Quattro and it will be revealed at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. The new model continues grand quattro tradition delivering stunning exterior and 700 hp plug-in hybrid powertrain.

The visual stance of the new Audi model is very powerful. Its foursquare appearance can be attributed to the length of 4,602 millimetres, a width of 1,964 millimetres and a height of just 1,386 millimetres. The wheelbase is of 2,784 millimetres.

Audi Sport quattro concept runs purposefully on 21-inch centre-locking wheels with a five twin-spoke design and this additionally enhances the aggressiveness of the car. In order to pay homage to the quattro models of the early 1980s, the new concept includes angular, flat C-pillars and the rectangular double headlights. The latter feature the groundbreaking Matrix LED technology which is to be used in the Audi A8 model.

Going to the front of the car, it is characterized by the hexagonal single-frame grille with new grille insert. The grille's lower section is virtually vertical, while the low grille highlights the width of the car.

On the other hand, at the rear one can see a combination of a flat greenhouse and broad shoulders. There is also visible a spoiler at the lower edge of the rear window, which emphasizes car's width.

Another distinctive element at the rear is the CFRP diffuser. In addition, the lower section houses two large tailpipes. The tail lights are mounted on a black CFRP facing and have a rectangular form. Moreover, the luggage compartment has a capacity of 300 litres (10.59 cubic ft).

To go further, the interior of the car continues the purposeful exterior design theme. This Audi includes spacious cabin with the steering wheel, digital instrument cluster and head-up display all in the direct field of view.

More importantly, the cabin of the car is lightweight. This is visible through the support structure of the interior is a carbon shell that also can be utilized as a storage compartment in the side doors.

The attention to detail here is visible through the choice of materials and the workmanship. The multifunction sports steering wheel is an example for this. It is utilized to switch between a numbers of virtual 3D displays.

Another highlight is the new air conditioning control unit. It is integrated directly into the air vents. Thanks to its innovativeness, the temperature, intensity and air flow can be controlled via one and the same element.

More importantly, this Audi Sport quattro concept is equipped with plug-in hybrid drive. This means that it can deliver breathtaking performance from a mighty system output of 700 hp (515 kW) and system torque of 800 Nm (590.05 lb-ft).

The power is transmitted on the road via a modified eight-speed tiptronic transmission which includes a sport differential on the rear axle. The car delivers up to 113 mpg, equating to CO2 output of 59 grams per kilometre.

First, the combustion engine is a 4.0-litre twin-turbo V8 one. It solely generates 560 hp (412 kW) and 700 Nm (516.29 lb-ft) of torque. The electric motor is located between the 4.0 TFSI unit and the transmission, it is a disc-shaped electric motor which produces 150 hp (110 kW) and 400 Nm (295.02 lb-ft). It draws its energy from a liquid-cooled lithium-ion battery in the rear with a capacity of 14.1 kWh.

The charging here happens via an Audi wall box that utilizes intelligent charge management. Audi Sport quattro concept cover up to 31 miles on electric power alone. The interplay between the two drives is managed via intelligent management system.

In the new concept are available three driving modes. The EV mode is for purely electric driving; the Hybrid mode is for maximum efficiency; and Sport mode is for maximum performance. When the both units work together, the Audi Sport quattro concept accelerates from 0 to 100 km/h only in 3.7 seconds on its way to a top speed is 189mph.

At last, the front suspension includes five control arms per wheel, while the rear suspension follows the Audi track-controlled trapezoidal link principle. Tautly tuned springs and dampers puts Audi Sport quattro concept to the road.

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