Audi-Sport-quattro-laserlight-concept-mediumSo, remember that mysterious Audi coupé concept that was about to début at NAIAS? Yeah, this has nothing to do with it, although, we did mix them up for a moment. It's Audi's other concept that is set to make a world-first appearance at the 2014 CES in Las Vegas (kicks off on the 6th of January) – it's low, it's sleek and it has "quattro" in its name.

They've also added "laserlight" to the title. Apparently, Audi want to much as much emphasis on their future tech. Headlights as possible. We don't blame them. Who has lasers on their car and wants to keep quiet about it. Whoa, whoa! Lasers?! It's not as exciting as it sounds, but yes, Audi are using laser technology for the high-beams to complement the now "démodé" LED matrix that's been employed. The two inner trapezoidal elements of the dual headlights (nice quattro touch by the way) use laser diodes that are only a few microns in diameter. With their 500 meters of illumination, these laser high-beams have approximately twice the lighting range and three times the luminosity of LED high beam lights.

So when not blinded by the headlights, you'll notice that it has only two doors and a swept-back C-pillar. It's low (1,386 mm high) and stout (1,964 mm wide) with a wheel base of no more than 2,784 mm. The remaining 1818 mm of the total length goes to the overhangs (which are short). Most of the car concept is a blend of steel and aluminum, but there's also a prolific use of CFRP material throughout: the jutted front splitter, the diffuser at the back which runs quite high, the door sills. Even the quattro-ish tail lights are backed by a black CFRP panel.

The total weigh comes down to 1,850 which is pretty good considering that beneath the again CFRP hood you'll find a V8 bi-turbo engine mated to a powerful electric motor that's being charged by a pretty big li-ion battery. That's right, the Audi Sport concept is a parallel hybrid that can run on pure electricity for around 31 miles. The total power output comes to around 700 hp. 560 of those come from the 4.0 TFSI alone. The torque? 800 Nm combined. The stated 94 mpg fuel economy might just be possible with the cylinder on demand (COD) system, which deactivates four cylinders under partial load, and the start-stop system. Put it in sport mode, 0 to 60 should be possible in just 3.7 seconds while the top speed is limited at 190 mph.

Needless to say that such performance requires immense stopping power and grip. The front suspension is comprised of five links per wheel, while the rear suspension is based on the company's self-tracking trapezoidal link principle. The stiff springs and shocks may brake your back over the occasional pebble, but you'll forgive them when indulging in high-speed cornering. Carbon-ceramic is, of course, used for the brake disks.

Inside, a driver-oriented approach dictates that the climate controls should be integrated in the air nozzles; a single element is used to control the intensity, temperature and volume of the air stream. The TFT display has its own graphics card for exceptional 3D rendering, an iDrive-type-of-knob gives you control over the new user interface that has a menu structure akin to that of a smart phone.

That's essentially it. Looks exciting and sounds interesting, but will it have what it takes to pay tribute to the quattro name? More importantly, though, is it ever going to be made?

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