The tendency of car-wrapping instead of coloring has been progressing for quite some time now and has been significantly conquering every part of the world. More or less. In relation to this, Fostla at Seelze near Hanover, Germany, is considered to be some sort of a master when it comes to car-wrapping and for this reason, it has been preferred by many customers.

Such example is the BMW 550i F10 which has received not only full wrapping in urban-Taupe-mat-metallic or also gray-olive-mat-metallic but has also gained some substantial power improvements. After the alterations and thanks to the professionally applied foil by the company, the BMW exhibits highly aggressive look. The windows, the front and rear lamps are tinted, while the mounted on the front bumper lip and the rear diffusor are covered in sleek-black. Inside, there is a leather sports steering wheel coated with soft cushioning. It is just one of the features that exemplifies the distinctive custom-made design by Fostla.

In terms of power, the engine of the Bavarian car underwent a PP-Performance refitting which included stage-2 motor electronics modification, downpipes and Vmax unlocking, thus costing 4,299 €. In consequence, there is a power output boosted from 408 HP (300 kW) to 570 PS (419 kW) and a peak torque improved from 600 to 800 Nm. When we compare it to the M5 F10, which brings along 560 HP (412 kW) and the "modest" 680 Nm, we see that the 550i is more powerful.

Additionally, the BMW 550i F10 benefits from wheel-set that consists of Yido Performance YP1 Talia 20 inches in 9x20 ET35 at the front and 10x20 ET35 at the rear axle. This rim set can be purchased for 2,000 €, including a certificate. Finally, Michelin Pilot Sports tires in 245/35ZR20 at the front and 285/30ZR20 at the rear axle are considered to be a high-class wheel-tire-combination.

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