2020 SKODA LineupA peculiar survey in the UK reveals that drivers give names to their vehicles. Something more, some Brits admit that they name their beloved car after a family member or a loved one, according to new research conducted by SKODA.

The research took participation about 2,000 drivers of which 32 percent revealed that they had named at least one of their vehicles, and a quarter of those 2,000 admitted to naming at least three or more vehicles during their lifetime.

SKODA's research has also acknowledged the individual relationship that people have with their cars, with over 450 unique names given by drivers. Some of the more common include Betty, Freddie, Daisy and Rosie, Harrison Ford, and Elvis. However, there are also vehicles by the name of Bubbles, Beast, The Brussel Spout, Zorro, and even Ketchup.

As it seems, the majority of Brits who name their vehicles have done it solely out of humor. However, there are owners who have given a particular name to their cars because they believe it looks like this particular name, while others give a specific name, because it reminds them of someone else.

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Additionally, the findings from SKODA, whose in-car voice assistant is called Laura, also found out that the female drivers were almost twice as likely as making drivers name their vehicles, while men were much more to use a name of a loved one, compared to women.

This fun tendency extends beyond simply naming cars – SKODA's research also found out that Brits had an incredibly strong affection for their vehicles, with 10 percent of drivers admitting they loved their cars more than their spouse or partner.

Source: SKODA