2020 Volvo Cars Safety FeaturesFrom now on every new Volvo model will come with a limited top speed of 112mph (180km/h), as Volvo Cars team delivers its promise to introduce such limitation and goes beyond regulation and legislation in order to help to reduce the injuries and fatalities in traffic incidents.

Along with the speed cap, every Volvo machine will also feature a Care Key, which allows setting additional limitations on vehicle's top speed, for example before lending their car to other family members and friends, especially young ones.

Blended together, the speed limitation feature and the Care Key send a strong signal about the dangers of speeding, underlining Volvo Cars' position as a leader in safety. Both systems illustrate how vehicle makers can take active responsibility for striving to achieve zero traffic fatalities by supporting better driver behavior.

Although the top speed limiter has led to some technical controversies, the Volvo team has decided to use it within its vehicles as part of the brand's dedication towards technical innovation and the goal of reducing fatal incidents to zero.

Furthermore, as it seems, Volvo engineers have decided that the issues with the speed-limiting technologies are no longer enough severe in order not to be included in a standard list of features within a contemporary vehicle.

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Alongside high speed, the majority of road accidents are due to lack of understanding of the dangers on the road, and also intoxication and distraction. This is why the Volvo Cars team focuses its attention on these three elements of human behavior in its safety work with even more features to be introduced in future models.

Source: Volvo Cars