It is a good thing to hear, that residential and commercial paint manufactures are developing technologies, that will bring lesser impact on nature in their future work. It is incredible, how just the paint job of vehicles uses over seventy percent of the overall energy, used to bring a car together. To be precise, 2.5 megawatt hours are needed to paint a car. This is the electrical bill for a nine weeks, if this amount of energy was used by a typical US home.

But there are some good news. Since 2011, Orion Assembly, the Buick Verano home, have pioneered in the use of a special water-based "three-wet" paint technology. The process eliminates the need of a blake oven, which is usually used in the process of painting a vehicle. The result is a three-layer paint - primer, color and clear coat - that is applied to one over another before the previous layer is still wet. Using this way, Orion Assembly now uses only one megawatt hour of energy to paint a car.

Buick is a worldwide modern and luxury brand, that offers vehicles with unseen design, incredible interiors and high-tech gadgets, that are delivered with a high-quality yet efficient performance. Buick attracts customers with its luxury model lineup in North America and China.

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