Buick Verano Teaser The next generation Buick Verano is (sadly) to be showcased for the first time at the Auto Shanghai 2015 this Sunday. The sports sedan is going to be called not Verano but "Wei Lang" in Chinese. The model is at the core of Buick's strategy of expanding to the east, thus they have equipped it with various features that enhance not only the design of the car, but also it's driving capabilities.

There is only a teaser released, meaning that we are going to see the sedan for the first time on Sunday. However, the company has revealed that that the model will offer "refreshed experience" thanks to its stylish and dynamic changes in the exterior. The interior will also be more exquisite and comfortable.

In terms of power, the Verano will probably get the same engine range as in 2015 model year, thus offering powerful performance. Buick also said that the new model will be inspired by the both the 2013 Buick Riviera and the Buick Avenir concept cars, and this fact makes us really impatient to see it.

As a matter of fact, the future Verano is an example of company's insight into the aesthetic choices of Chinese customers. Therefore, it will stay typical Buick in terms of design, but it will also be innovatively reimagined. It is expected to how new standards in terms of safety and comfort.

There are no words on North American debut of the new Verano. Fingers are crossed.

Source: Buick