At the Consumer Electronics Show Chevrolet announced the release of an industry-first Performance Data Recorder for the 2015 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray. The system basically enables users to record and share high-definition video, with professional-level motorsports telemetry overlays, of their driving experiences on and off the track.

Furthermore, the software also allows users to analyze their laps as well as gives them advices on how to improve their driving and lap times. The Performance Data Recorder (PDR) system is brought to life thanks to the professionals at Cosworth.

To go into details, the PDR system includes three major components. The first one is a 720p high-definition camera. The latter is positioned on within the windshield header trim and records the driver's point-of-view through the windshield, while the sound is recorded via a dedicated microphone in the cabin.

The second component is a self-contained telemetry recorder which uses GPS receiver that operates at 5 hertz and allows more precise positioning and corner traces. The recorder delivers vehicle information such as engine speed and transmission-gear selection, braking force and steering-wheel angle.

At last, the third component is the SD-card slot in the glove box for recording and transferring video and vehicle data. For instance, an 8-gigabyte card can record approximately 200 minutes, while a 32-GB card - up to about 800 minutes.

What is more, the PDR system can record video with several data overlay options: Track Mode, Sport Mode, Touring Mode and Performance Mode. Then the video can be viewed on the Corvette Stingray's eight-inch color touchscreen.

Finally, "Cosworth Toolbox" software has been specifically developed for those who want a more in-depth understanding of their performance. This software delivers professional-level motorsport data analysis.

In fact, the Cosworth Toolbox application works by overlaying recorded laps on a Bing-enabled satellite map of the track. Then it compares selected laps in terms of corner traces, vehicle speed, and cornering force in order to help drivers improve their driving consistency and ultimately their lap times.

Performance Data Recorder will be available with the start of the production of 2015 Chevrolet Corvette in the third quarter of 2014. Pricing will be announced closer to launch.

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