At the 67th Annual Golden Globe Awards, Chrysler brand's new CEO, Olivier Francois donated his own vehicle in order to help raise money for Haitian relief efforts. Positioned at the entrance of the Beverly Hilton Hotel, Francois' Chrysler 300C was signed from 300 of the most renowned celebrities in the world. The unique Chrysler 300C will be donated for auction and is expected to raise approximately 1 million dollars.

The donated vehicle is Chrysler 300C eco style edition. Accessorized fully with eco-friendly materials such as cork, bamboo, recycled jute carpeting and suede seat inserts and feature refurbished wheels, the car is boasting premium technology and fuel-efficient performance and excitement.

Under the bonnet, Chrysler engineers have fitted the special 300C with a 5.7-liter HEMI® engine with Muliti-displacement System (MDS). MDS seamlessly alternates between smooth high-fuel-economy four-cylinder mode when less power is needed and V-8 mode when more power is needed. MDS optimizes fuel economy without sacrificing vehicle performance.

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