2016 Citroën E-MEHARIE-MEHARI is special vehicle and it is closely connected to the history of Citroën. And with the introduction back in 1968, this sweetie has gone through a long road. The latest model is neatly-beautiful, all-electric 4-seat cabriolet and Citroën team is ambitious enough to bring to the market cheesy-looking and flexible sweetie.

This is a charming and vibrant vehicle that expresses this unmistakable Citroën spirit and passion. Something more: the E-MEHARI is especially designed for customers who seek this positive outlook in life, modern trends and interesting contemporary engineering solutions. So, let's check this sweetie out.


The exterior of E-MEHARI is surely 100% Citroën-ish and offers some interesting and comprehensive details. First of all, the sweetie proudly demonstrates expressive face with the dual headlights and the signature Citroën lines, along with unique warm contours, smooth lines and sweetly-looking front end. These lines and details are further enhanced by the exterior coloring that now comes with a choice of four schemes: blue, orange, yellow and beige and roof coloring available with black and orange-red.

2016 Citroën E-MEHARI

And as we speak about colors, let's also mention that the interior is available with two colors: natural-looking beige and that high-tech orange-red with central pattern, influenced by water sports. They are made of plastic-covered waterproof material which contributes to this shiny and colorful mindset of all the E-MEHARI customers.

Additional features

The idea of the latest E-MEHARI is to reflect the iconic 1968 model and in order to pay homage, the "new guy" offers convertible with removable top closed at the side by a foldaway system with big windows, four rear seats, including the folding rear bench, raised chassis for all-terrain driving and its bodywork is made of thermoformed plastic. This means that it is corrosion-free and with maintenance-free paintwork and elasticity to reduce the minor impact damage.

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Also, the sweetie comes with ribbed door pattern, the same as the original Mehari, along with the similar exterior colors and contours.

Drivetrain system

Along with vehicle's simple, yet sweet design there are numerous advanced technological features. This is a fully-electric car and it is powered with special battery technology, based on the experience of France's Bolloré Group. With its Lithium Metal Polymer (LMP) batteries this sweetie can tackle down long distances with ease and at the same time offers reliability and flexibility. These functional batteries can be fully recharged in 8 to 13 hours on and offer a top speed of 11km/h (61mph) and a driving range of 200km in city.

2016 Citroën E-MEHARI

The E-MEHARI will be  launched in Spring, 2016, but before that the sweetie will be showcased in Paris with its world premiere on December, 9th-11th at the PSA Peugeot Citroën's headquarter.

Source: Citroën