2016 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell In order to unveil the full potential of the FCVs, Honda created the Clarity Fuel Cell and blended in one high levels of agility with cutting-edge technologies. As you might know, Clarity Fuel Cell is the world's first five-passenger sedan type FCV, fitting fuel cell drivetrain, tons of Honda technologies and of course that unmistakable Honda feel.

The 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen storage tank provides a driving range of about 750km (416 miles) and combines even better efficiency and reduced energy requirements for driving. All these stats mean that the increase in driving range is with the magnificent 30% more, compared to predecessor models and that this vehicle is in world's top 3 cruising range among all zero emission vehicles produced so far.

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Also, as part of the cutting-edge achievements, the Clarity Fuel Cell features and appealing exterior design with aggressive, yet elegant lines, as well as smooth and rewarding driving experience. In fact, the high-output motor provides a total of 176hp (130kW) also ensures and some sporty dynamics for all drivers, who seek not just a ride, but a challenge on the road.

2016 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Honda was one of the first automobile manufacturer focus its attention and energy on producing hydrogen technologies in order to reduce or at least delay the effects of global warming. And since late 1980s the brand has been researching and improving such technologies.

2016 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell

Prices for the new 2016 Honda Clarity Fuel Cell strat from $67, 850 USD.

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