Dodge VIper CustomizatorThere is good news for customers, fans and dreamers of Dodge brand. The well-known vehicle company released the Dodge Viper GTC Customizer, already available on the web. The Viper GTC Customizer brings the option for everyone to personalize his hand-built supercar. Definitely a tweak, that anyone would like to have along with the car itself.

The Dodge Viper GTC Customizer lets anyone create his own virtual version of a Dodge Viper vehicle, through a platform, that delivers wonderful options and incredible online experience.

When the platform is ready to use, customers are directly put in a virtual Design Studio, that offers more than 25 million combinations, that include 8,000 exterior options, 24,000 stripe colors, 11 wheel options and wide gamma of interior tweaks. Long story short, there is wonderful chance for anyone to create a really unique vehicle. And not just in a the virtual world. Everyone, who likes his creation is free to purchase it directly from the Dodge brand market.

Once the customers are ready with the tweaks of their own Viper, they can show it to their friends and family, throughout various image formats, that are of course supported by social media platforms. And there is also a list with the technical information for the unique car, that could be further downloaded and shared with friends. How cool is that?

The customizable project offers instant customer orders, but under one condition. No one can order the same customization, including even the color in the same year. All the dealers started taking orders in February, but the production of the customized Vipers started in April.

So, what is your configuration? Show me down in the comment section.


Source: Viper