Jaguar has released a short online film, which features the famous British model David Gandy and several iconic Jaguar models, including the F-Type Convertible. In the film, Gandy tells about his number one passion in life, which of course is driving sports cars. In his opinion, the best way to describe this passion is as "the ultimate escapism" from his hectic life.

Additionally, in the video, the model gives us insight into his life by inviting the viewer on a road trip that starts at dusk as he escapes "the craziness of London". In the film are featured several emblematic for Jaguar's history models: the C-Type, E-Type and XKSS, and as mentioned the very latest F-TYPE Cabriolet.

"That feeling of freedom, just you and the car" is the way that Gandy describes hiss passion and in fact he tells that this for him is his "meditation. Thanks to the unique, seductive design and high performance engineering that Jaguar delivers, many people are falling in love with the classic British two-seater sports cars.

The film was firstly previewed at the Goodwood Revival in the United Kingdom, and now it is available on the official Jaguar YouTube page. Of course, you can view it below:

Jaguar F-Type (2013) - picture 1 of 30
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