Eibach Ford Mondeo Estate Front ViewEibach is one of the popular brands among cusotomizers because it produces some of the best products for tuning of your car. This time, they have prepared for us some special Eibach Pro-Kit and Pro-Spacer kit for the highly appreciated Ford Mondeo Estate. The main purpose, as the specialists say, is the owner to "enjoy their ride".

By the way, the latest Ford Mondeo Estate has been made specifically for European customers. It looks so well with its Aston Martin-like grill and its elegant forms, that it barely needs anything else on it. However, it might need a little ‘touch' underneath and here is where the major work of the experts at Eibach happened.

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First, the chassis has been a focus of the development right from very beginning of their work. Due to the addition of a Pro-Kit Performance Springs, Eibach's Mondeo makes a strong emphasis on both a sporty handling and full roadworthiness.

Furthermore, the centre of gravity on the front axle has been lowered by 30mm at the front and by 25mm at the rear. This of course contributes for more dynamic and sporty handling, but also for athletic looks.

At last, the tuner added an extra Pro-Spacer wheel spacers made of aluminum. Eibach's systems 4 and 6 for the Mondeo feature bolts and come in six widths between 20 and 70 mm. They round-out car's look further.

The latest Ford Mondeo is offered with three diesel engines: 1.6-litre, 2 and 2.0-liter and diesel engines. The petrol variants start with the 1.5-litre EcoBoost and the 1.0-litre EcoBoost. A hybrid variant is also an option.

Source: Eibach