Ferrari has officially unveiled the one-off F12 Berlinetta TRS. The open-top supercar is created through the company's Special Projects division. Like all one-off Ferraris, the F12 TRS is the product of Ferrari's now-classic approach of creating a truly integrated design. It thus has the same exceptional performance figures as the F12 Berlinetta.

The TRS model comes with an aggressive body kit and a minimalistic appearance for the interior. It features a lot less buttons and knobs as well as the controls for the audio system. The glove compartment, mats and holders have all been removed. Still, the interior comes with a nice combination of Alcantara, leather and black matte carbon fiber.

Ferrari F12 Berlinetta TRS is powered by the well-known 6.3 liter 65° naturally aspirated V12 engine – 740HP (544 kW) and 690Nm (509 lb-ft). 0-100 km/h – 3.1 seconds and 0-200 km/h in 8.5 seconds. The top speed is over 340 km/h (211 mph). The curb weight is a bit less than 1,525 kg (3,362 lbs). We are a bit disappointed to find out that the TRS doesn't have a KERS system.

Although inspired by the traditional Rosso Corsa, the new bodywork colour was developed using multi-layer and micalised paint technologies.

Ferrari didn't unveil an official price tag, but a rumor says that the customer paid close to $4.2 million for the one-off F12 Berlinetta TRS.

Source: Ferrari