2021 Bentley Flying SpurOne of the world's finest four-door sedans has been made even better with contemporary technology and tons of customization options. Also, Bentley designers now offer a new exterior paint that would complement all the changes – Cambrian Grey.

Technology and craftsmanship

The latest Flying Spur model comes with a large number of technological benefits for the buyer. Only some of the new additions include traffic sign recognition, hands-free boot opening, extended safeguard features, top-view camera, interior lighting, and more.

In terms of interior, the vehicle offers high levels of comfort and refinement, advanced virtual technologies, and cutting-edge utility gadgets.

One of the challenges before designers and engineers was to remove the unwanted noise inside the cabin and they did so by incorporating the Virtual Prototyping concept. It allows the Flying Spur to use digital mock-ups that help to identify NVH before building a physical version of the vehicle, which allows for making tons of experiments that eventually lead to the best suitable solution.

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Furthermore, by using virtual prototyping, the Bentley team was able to undertake the revision of 40 different components. By revising and changing them, the team managed to include the best suitable solution in the latest generation of the Flying Spur and grant buyers the best possible solution for each engineering challenge.

2021 Bentley Flying Spur

Source: Bentley