Ford and Intel are researching new opportunities in-car personalization. The companies will offer new opportunities for the connected car, including giving drivers the ability to remotely peer into their car using a smartphone, or a vehicle that could identify its owner using facial recognition software.

The project is called – Project Mobii and aims to aims to explore how interior-facing cameras could be integrated with sensor technology and data already generated within and around the vehicle to create a more personalized and seamless interaction between driver and vehicle that transforms the driving experience.

"Our goal with the Mobii research is to explore how drivers interact with technology in the car and how we can then make that interaction more intuitive and predictive," commented Paul Mascarenas, Chief Technical Officer and Vice President, Ford Research and Innovation.

"The use of interior imaging is purely research at this point; however, the insights we've gained will help us shape the customer experience in the long-term", he added.

Project Mobii will use facial recognition technology, so it will be able to recognize different drivers and automatically adjust vehicle settings according to their demands. If the system can't recognize a person, an image of the individual will be sent to the owner's smartphone and he or she will be able to approve or deny access to the car. Other nice safety features include teen drivers recognition and reducing audio volume.

Last but not least, the system will feature voice commands and gestures recognition. You can easily turn the heat up or down while driving without removing hands from the steering wheel.

Source: Ford