2020 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400For the first time ever Ford introduces a drag race vehicle with a full-electric drivetrain system. It is named Mustang Cobra and is capable to crush the quarter-mile in the low 8-second range at more than 170mph (307km/h).

This battery-powered Mustang delivers a total of 1,400hp and 1,100lb-ft of torque. The vehicle follows the debut of the first all-electric Mustang - the Mach-E SUV and represents another opportunity to advance the Mustang heritage and performance while, at the same tie, incorporates some of the most advanced technology coming to Ford's future engines. New Mustang Cobra also honors the original Cobra Jet that first dominated drag strips in the late 60s and is still an influential vehicle after these many decades.

Ford Performance continues the tests of the all-electric Cobra and diligently prepares for the world debut later this year. As it seems, the team also prepares some drag racing events where fans, enthusiasts, media and competitors alike will get to have a closer look at the car, as well as see exactly what it is capable of right on the spot.

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Also, in order to maximize the efficiency and quality of the project, Ford Performance has teamed up with several capable and specialized supplies:

  • MLe Racecars – Vehicle builder, designer, integrator and tuner
  • Watson Engineering – Chassis support and development, roll cage builder
  • AEMEV – Software and motor calibration and controls
  • Cascadia – Inverter and Motor supplier

2020 Ford Mustang Cobra Jet 1400

Source: Ford