2016 Ford Galaxy Side ViewFordMotor Company revealed the refreshed and redesigned Ford Galaxy, that brings even more space and even better high-tech gadgets. The seven-seater comes with great comfort and stability, never seen before on the Galaxy lineup. The revised model offers fantastic driving experience both on urban and highway roads.  Some of the gadgets and tweaks include the Ford Adaptive Steering technology, and the latest, especially built for fuel efficiency, powerplant.

2016 Galaxy offers wonderful sophisticated design, that includes well-known features and some precisely made changes. The exterior comes with a raised grille, slim headlamps and some detailed tweaks, that together create the elegant and mature-looking appearance of the car. The thin window pillars bring even further mature and confident character.  The interior of the Galaxy comes with a well-designed centre console, a control panel, that wraps into the front doors and a large glass area for panoramic roof view.

Furthermore, the redesigned Galaxy comes with not just style, but incredible flexibility. There are a lot of options to optimize space and comfort for the passengers and the driver and there are a lot of options and tweaks for even more spacious luggage store. You just have to take your time and start experimenting - you will be amazed by the flexibility of the vehicle.

Ford Galaxy comes with powerful and yet efficient powerplants, that are especially built for optimal performance in town and on the highway. The engine itself is a redesigned 210PS 2.0-Liter TDCi Bi-turbo diesel, that is capable of producing 450Nm of torque at 2,000rpm.

Additional technologies include Blind Spot Information System, Traffic Sign Recognition, Driver alert and a voice control system. And of course, such a beauty comes not only with technical innovations, but with a further-improved safety system. There are additional airbags in the back seats, improved seatbelts, driver assistance and many others.

The 2016 Ford Galaxy is definately a car that deserves our attention. Does it deserve yours?

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