The specialists from the tuning company Gemballa are once again setting new stunning results and standards for beefed up models based on Porsche Panamera. Now the German tuner unveiled a more powerful variant of the Gemballa GTP 700 which already accomplished a new acceleration record for the roadworthy cars by reaching 338,8 kph on the high-speed track in Nardo in southern Italy.

This time around, the even more powerful GTP 720 (720 hp / 530 kW) variant succeeded in scoring two new records during independent tests on a closed-off airport.  Firstly, when Gemballa Porsche Panamera GTP 720 speeded up from 0 to 100 kph it showed a final result of 3.2 seconds, which is one second faster than the score of the production car. Following this, the 200 kph run was covered in 9.7 seconds (3 seconds faster), while the acceleration from 0 to 300 kph happened in 26.4 seconds (33.6 seconds faster).

GTP 720 set a new lap record too at the Sachsenring circuit for Panamera-based cars, which now stands at 1:37.08 minutes. Not bad at all!

"This exceptional performance is not only due to the car's horse power but also to its torque, raised by 255 Nm and available over a wide range of revs," says CEO Andreas Schwarz and then adds; "Our customers want our engines and cars to be high-performance products, but the cars still have to remain roadworthy, usable on a daily basis. This requires a huge amount of development work. And this has indeed been our input over the past few years."

Gemballa GTP 720 Porsche Panamera (2015) - picture 1 of 5
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