Seoul – GM Daewoo Auto & Technology (GM Daewoo) launched today its all new luxurious large sedan, the Veritas. "Veritas" is Latin for "truth." "The truth about the Veritas is it reflects GM Daewoo's determination to take Korea's large sedan segment to an entirely new level," said GM Daewoo President and CEO Michael Grimaldi. "This luxurious rear-wheel-drive sedan offers excellent driving performance while ensuring unmatched interior comfort, spaciousness and safety."

The Veritas is based on the L4X concept car, which made its debut at last year's Seoul Motor Show. With the combination of a dynamic exterior and luxurious interior, the Veritas redefines the premium image of a large sedan.

"The Veritas represents the start of a new era for GM Daewoo, as we begin to replace our entire current product lineup with new segment-leading models between now and 2010," said Grimaldi.

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Dynamic and Luxurious Design

The Veritas delivers a dynamic and strong impression through its harmonious combination of an extremely short overhang and emphasized front fenders. The chrome radiator grille features softly curved lines that highlight the character of the large sedan.

Chrome-molded side mirrors and LED turn signals make the sedan even more prestigious. 18-inch wheels enhance the stability of the Veritas. Its smooth roof line, refined dual mufflers and LED tail lamps are simple yet modern.

The interior is another strong point of the Veritas. Ergonomically designed, the feeling of comfort is greatly enhanced. The trip computer is located between the instrument clusters, making it easy for the driver to see all important information such as fuel efficiency and driving distance,and other features are conveniently placed, allowing for easy access while driving.

Classic tube-style instrument clusters outlined in satin chrome and a center console armrest with a leather cover also reflect the high quality of the interior.

Powerful and Fuel Efficient Powertrain

The Veritas is powered by a 3.6-liter Alloytec V-6 engine that is angled at 60 degrees between the cylinder lanes to maximize movement balance and decrease vibration. In combination with the fully optimized variable intake manifold, this ensures an ideal mixture of fuel and air in the cylinders, generating 252 ps for horse power and 34Kg.m for maximum torque.

The lightweight all-aluminum engine includes advanced features such as an ECU (Engine Control Unit) that regulates fuel injection and ignition timing by controlling air intake and RPM, and an RLFS (Returnless Fuel System) that prevents fuel evaporation. As a result, the Veritas achieves outstanding fuel efficiency for its segment of 8.6 km/l.

The engine is complemented by a five-speed automatic transmission with fully optimized gear ratio settings, which further maximizes driving and fuel efficiency.It also features two new GM technologies: Active Select and Sport Shift. Active Select gives the driver the choice of shifting gears automatically or manually.Sport Shift enables more powerful and spirited driving.

Comfortable Ride and Handling

The rear-wheel-drive system contributes to the excellent handling of the Veritas, balancing the front and rear in a 50:50 ratio to increase tire surface. This not only improves driving comfort but also provides more precise steering, stable cornering and hill-climbing ability.

The optimally tuned high-performance multi-link suspension has been applied to both the front and rear wheels, resulting in a high level of control, stability and driving comfort by dispersing the impact from the road. The suspension also includes a self-stabilizing system that minimizes vibration to further improve driving and braking.

Quietness, which is one of the most important factors for consumers in buying a luxury car, has been emphasized in the Veritas. Parts that are vulnerable to noise and vibration are highly insulated to dramatically mute driving noise. In addition, the windshield incorporates noise-proof film that blocks out high-frequency noises. The application of dual mufflers regulates emission resistance and pressure, also lowering the noise level.

Highest Level of Passenger Safety

Approximately 81 percent of the body of the Veritas consists of high-strength steel for maximum passenger safety. Among the additional safety features are front dual-stage airbags that inflate according to the magnitude of a collision, and side airbags and curtain airbags that protect passengers in the event of a side impact. Seatbelt pretensioners snugly hold all occupants in their seats when needed. Load limiters loosen the safety belts following a collision to protect passengers from potential secondary harm from safety belts.

Cutting-edge ESC (Electronic Stability Control) technology integrates all safety systems to protect passengers in the event of emergency situations. Bi-Xenon headlamps provide over three times the visibility of normal headlamps, while the Headlamp Auto-Leveling System automatically controls the height of the lamps by factoring in the number of passengers and vehicle load.

Maximum Convenience for Pure Driving Joy

The Veritas provides numerous convenience features, as one would expect of a luxurious large sedan. The driver's seat moves automatically for exit, and the door handle can be positioned in four different directions (in, out, right or left) to suit different body shapes and user preferences. The Tilt/Telescopic Steering Column helps maintain the best driving position.

The navigation system with DMB imbedded in the Veritas is integrated with the TPEG system, which provides information on the shortest route to destinations. With the Bose premium non-directional audio system, the Veritas has the best sound quality in its class. The Tri-Zone Automatic Temperature Control System and the VAPS (Vehicle Air Purifier System) ensure maximum comfort for all passengers.

Other luxury and convenience features include a rear-window sunshade that protects backseat passengers from strong sunlight and prying eyes, massaging seats, an LCD screen and headset, and headrests with an electric-adjust function.Buttons on the backseat armrests can control these and additional convenience features.

Additional premium convenience features include rain-sensing wipers, three-step heated seats and power seats that can be adjusted in 10 different directions.

Greatest Amount of Interior Space

The Veritas boasts the largest interior in its class, courtesy of the longest wheelbase of 3,009 mm. Legroom (1,098 mm) and shoulder room (1,500 mm) in back are also both best in class. The trunk has 535 liters of space, with room for four golf bags and an extra four small bags. The trunk opens hydraulically, without hinges, making it much easier to load and unload than ordinary car trunks.

VIP Service for Veritas Customers

GM Daewoo will provide special VIP service to all Veritas customers, including a five-year/100,000-kilometer warranty for the powertrain and three-year/60,000-kilometer warranty for replacement items such as engine oil, the air filter and bacteria filter. GM Daewoo will also offer free car delivery service following maintenance service. During maintenance, Veritas owners will be provided a courtesy vehicle free of charge. In addition, specially trained professionals will offer individualized service to all Veritas customers and preferential service at GM Daewoo inspection centers.

The Veritas comes in three trim levels to meet different needs: Deluxe, Premium and Luxury. The models are priced at KRW 46,500,000 for the Deluxe, KRW 53,800,000 for the Premium and KRW 57,800,000 for the Luxury.

The Veritas will be on display at GM Daewoo Theme Lounges in Seoul Station and the Yongsan KTX Station in the months of September and October. The Veritas will also be shown at the Yeoju outlet market and luxury hotels in downtown Seoul, as well as at GM Daewoo dealerships nationwide. A series of interactive marketing promotions such as a test-drive event for VIP customers is planned.

GM Daewoo Auto & Technology was established on October 17, 2002.It has five manufacturing facilities in Korea as well as an assembly facility in Vietnam.In addition, GM Daewoo provides market and brand-specific vehicle kits for assembly at GM facilities in China, Thailand, India, Colombia and Venezuela.In 2007, GM Daewoo sold in Korea and exported more than 1.88 million units, including CKD products.GM Daewoo now produces vehicles and kits for Chevrolet, Buick, Opel, Vauxhall, Pontiac, Holden and Suzuki that are offered in more than 150 markets on six continents.Imported GM products from the Cadillac and Saab premium brands are sold in Korea through GM AutoWorld retailers.

Veritas Specifications


V6 3.6

Length (mm)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Wheelbase (mm)


Tread (mm)





Legroom (mm)





Shoulder Room (mm)







3.6-liter V-6 Alloytec

Displacement (cc)


Max. Power (ps/rpm)


Max. Torque (kg.m/rpm)



5-Speed Automatic Transmission

Curb Weight (kg)


Fuel Efficiency (km/l)







Trunk Capacity (l)


Fuel Tank Capacity (l)



225/55 R17 (Deluxe)

245/45 R18(Premium, Luxury)