2020 Jaguar XE Sport Sedan Jaguar team announces significant updates and changes for the 2020 XE Sports sedan. Completely refreshed and improved, the latest family member has a lot to demonstrate. There are new luxurious interior technologies, advanced infotainment and driver's assistance gadgets, all along with refined drivetrain system. Let's check out more!

Exterior design

2020 Jaguar XE catches the eye with a sharper and more aggressive stance. The vehicle comes with a redesigned front-end, which features a new bumper and a wider grille for more planted appearance. There's also a new rear bumper and rear valance, which increases visual width and highlights model's sporty character.

What makes this model special, is the addition of aircraft winglet-inspired sculpted surfaces in the lower front apertures and the standard Premium LED headlights that feature a fresh, distinctive "J" Blade daytime running light signature with laser-etched Jaguar monogram pattern.

Interior design

2020 Jaguar XE Sport Sedan

New Jaguar XE Sport Sedan features a revised interior design with attention to detail and benefitting from premium components and materials.

There's new optional inControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system and a 12.3-inch interactive driver display, which provides a customizable and intuitive responsive human-machine interface. Along with these goodies, XE features a SportShift gear sector and JaguarDrive Control toggle switch, inspired by the F-TYPE lineup. This gadget eliminates the rotary control gear selector. Sweet!

Drivetrain system

As one would have expected, new Jaguar XE machine features an advanced and refined drivetrain system that defines the brand and the sporty spirit within every Jaguar machine.

There's not one, but two four-cylinder Ingenium gasoline engines available, producing 247hp and 296hp accordingly. The second one, the high performance 296hp Ingenium engine is paired with an AWD system that altogether ensure a quick run from 0 to 100km/h in mere 5.4 seconds.

Of course, buyers will benefit from SportShift gear selector, which replaces the rotary controller and delivers more dynamic driving experience. There's also an Adaptive and Configurable Dynamics, which provide optimal balance between comfort and control and JaguarDrive Control, which ensures four selectable driving modes – Comfort, Eco Rain/Ice/Snow and Dynamic.

Additional technology

2020 Jaguar XE Sport Sedan

InControl Touch Pro Duo infotainment system and 12.3-inch Interactive Driver Display goodies are no available and provide a customizable, intuitive and responsive human-machine interface. There's also an optional ClearSight Rear View Mirror, which includes a high-definition display screen for additional visibility and ease of use.

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At the same time, the "Smart Settings" technology uses artificial intelligence to learn the preferences of individual drivers and adjust seat, mirror, audio and climate setting automatically. And as one might well expected, Jaguar XE comes with advanced assistance technologies as Heads-up Display, Driver Condition Monitoring, Park Assist and Blind Spot Assist.

2020 Jaguar XE Sport Sedan

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