707 HP Hellcat vs 850 HP Hennessey Hellcat Street Fight YouTube Image

Hennessey shows the potential of its HPE850 Hellcat

It is clear that the stock Hellcat is a very cool muscle car. But it is also as plainly as anything that the modified Hennessey HPE850 Hellcat is better than any production version. But have you ever asked yourself, what exactly would happen between those two in a Street Fight. You don't have to wonder anymore, because Hennessey Performance ha shot this amazing "Street Fight video".

The Hellcat is probably one of the Seven Wonders in the automotive world. It looks great, has that muscle car stance and performance and it features attitude. Maybe, it is not everybody's cup of tea, but hey, we live in a free world. And it is exactly what I like.

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For those wanting more from their muscle car cat-beast, Hennessey Performance has produced the so called HPE850 Upgrade. As the name shows, it boosts the power of the 707hp Challenger to the potent 850 hp and this happens at 6,200 rpm.

Here's the boring information: the upgrade comprises of new ECU and upgraded tuning software. By the way, you can see the chassis dyno testing in the second video featured in this post. Going back to the point, the HPE850 also adds high flow air filter element, lower pulley upgrade that increases boost by 1-2 psi, port matched throttle body, Hennessey embroidered head rests for the interior as well as Hennessey and HPE850 exterior emblems. As usual, the performance company has featured serial numbers on the dash plaque and plaque in the engine compartment.

At last, we all know that the Hennessey Hellcat HPE850 was going to win. Maybe the point in this video was to show how much faster Hennessey's variant is.

Video Source: YouTube

Source: Hennessey Performance