2021 Honda-eThe Road to the 2021 World Car Awards event concluded today with the announcement of Honda e as the 2021 World Urban Car winner. The vehicle was nominated and voted for by a demanding jury, consisted of 93 experts from 23 countries.

Honda e was chosen from an initial entry list of a total of 7 cars from all over the world. Gradually the list of contestants was narrowed down to a total of three models - Honda e, Honda Jazz, and Toyota Yaris.

Alongside all technical requirements and performance rates that the contestant vehicles must feature, the jury also showcases some specific requirements: the vehicles eligible for the World Urban Car award must be produced in volumes of at least 5,000 units/year and must be "on-sale" in at least two major markets, on at least two separate continents, between May 1, 2020, and May 1, 2021. In addition, vehicles must be a maximum of 4.20 meters in overall length and be approved for operation on public roads.

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The Road to the World Car Awards is an annual event that follows the international jurors as they test-drive, and vote on, the eligible vehicles for the awards season.

Source: World Car Awards