Honda FCV Concept will demonstrate its capabilities at the 2015 NAIAS this January. The vehicle will be making a North American debut showing-off the exterior and interior styling evolution. The next-generation zero emissions Honda fuel-cell vehicle is created with the aim to provide significant gains in terms of packaging, interior space and fuel efficiency. At the same time it is also destined to show real-world performance due to its driving range in excess of 300-miles!

Honda's next fuel-cell vehicle is anticipated to launch in the U.S. following its introduction in Japan. This is scheduled to happen around March 2016. The new FCV Concept includes a low and wide aerodynamic body and impresses with its clean flowing lines.

Inside, the cabin strives to attain harmony between man and machine. This is achieved via the new powertrain packaging techniques that have delivered even greater passenger space. There is seating for up to five people.

FCV Concept uses electricity produced through the chemical reaction of hydrogen and oxygen as a power source for its motor. In addition, the car is equipped with a 70 MPa high-pressure hydrogen storage tank that delivers a range that exceeds 700 km. The tank can be easily refilled in only three minutes.

We have seen the Honda FCV Concept making a world debut in Japan this November. After this, Honda announced that it will make an effort to support the wider introduction of fuel-cell vehicles. It will provide FirstElement Fuel with $13.8 million in financial assistance to build additional hydrogen refueling stations throughout the state of California.

In fact, in July 2002 the original FCX became the first EPA- and CARB-certified fuel-cell vehicle. Moreover, it was world's first production fuel-cell vehicle introduced to the United States and Japan. In 2008 Honda was the first manufacturer to build a production fuel-cell vehicle. What is more, the company was also the first manufacturer to create a fuel-cell vehicle dealer network.

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Source: Honda