Honda has announced class-leading residual values for its new Jazz, offering customers even greater value for money. For those considering downsizing from the sector above, the Jazz offers many features of a bigger car (load space, driving feel and high-spec equipment), but with the great fuel economy, low emissions and more affordable running costs of a small one.

The new residual values (RVs) magnify this, showing an uplift of 7 per cent over the previous Jazz and its sector competitors, reducing whole life and ownership costs even further.

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Residual Values*

New Jazz 1.2 S (90PS)   42% Current Jazz 1.2 S (77PS)   34% Volkswagen Polo 1.2 E (70PS)   38% Toyota Yaris 1.0 T2 (69PS)   34%

New Jazz 1.2 SE (90PS)   43% Current Jazz 1.4 SE (83PS)   37% Volkswagen Polo 1.2 SE (70PS)   38% Toyota Yaris 1.0 T2 (69PS)   34%

New Jazz 1.4 ES (100PS) manual   44% Current Jazz 1.4 Sport (83PS) manual   37% Volkswagen Polo 1.4 SE (80PS)   36% Toyota Yaris 1.3 T3 (87PS)   32%

New Jazz 1.4 EX (100PS) manual   44% Current Jazz 1.4 Sport (83PS) manual   37% Volkswagen Polo 1.6 Sport (105PS)   35% Toyota Yaris 1.3 T-Spirit (87PS)   29%

"Every now and then a car comes along that challenges the long established rules of depreciation. In this regard the Jazz has confounded many," said Jason King of Eurotax Glass's. "It's a compact car with huge flexibility, decent driving dynamics and some of the best residual values in the industry."

"Securing strong residual values and whole life costs for a car that represents quality and value for money was critical," said Lee Wheeler, National Leasing Manager, Honda (UK). "This up-lift in residual values reaffirms the car's position as a sector-leader and will help achieve increased conquest sales through the corporate market - particularly the public sector where Jazz is especially popular."

Emissions and fuel economy figures have also been confirmed, with significant improvements on the outgoing model. The 1.2-litre S and SE models will achieve a super frugal 53.3mpg (combined) with 125g/km CO2 emissions. The 1.4-litre ES model, with increased power of 100PS, achieves 52.3mpg and 128g/km CO2 emissions while the top EX grade manages a thrifty 51.4mpg with emissions of 130g/km.  Fitted with the i-SHIFT automated manual transmission, emissions of the 1.4-litre models are reduced to 125g/km and 128g/km respectively, while improved fuel economy is comparable with the 1.2-litre model.

Manual versions of Jazz go on sale in the UK in October, 2008, with the i-SHIFT on sale in January 2009.