2017 Dodge Challenger SRTI parked next to a new Dodge Challenger the other day and I got out of my car and started looking at it. What a work of art. That Challenger looked intimidating just sitting between the two whit lines in its parking space and it wasn't even running. I could sense the potential rumble of its engine though. I didn't want to get to close in case it woke up and started to growl. After I spent about five minutes walking around the car and then another couple of minutes standing about ten feet away from it visualizing myself in the driver's seat, I got back in my car and drove straight to Bodwell Chrysler, Jeep Dodge and asked for a test drive in the new 2017 Dodge Challenger.

The people there were so nice and very accommodating. One of the salesman immediately retrieved the keys to a beautiful yellow Challenger with black wheels that was on the front lot. We walked over to it and once again I was in awe and for a moment I headed over to the passenger side to get in. The salesman smiled and said, "You want to drive it, right?" I told that of course, I did and but in my mind I still couldn't believe that I was actually going to drive this legendary muscle car.

I had always been thrilled with the "idea" of muscle cars and I never really considered owning one myself. It was always good enough just to watch the cars from a distance and to know that other people were having fun driving them. I just never believed that it was possible for me to actually own one and I couldn't imagine myself ever backing out of the garage every single day in one of the great muscle car legends.

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When I started up the yellow Challenger I began to see that maybe…just maybe – it was possible to own one of these great cars myself. I drove it off the lot with the salesman sitting in the passenger seat. He kept pretty quiet as he could see that I was thoroughly enjoying myself in this power machine, which, by the way, was extremely comfortable and the driver seat and steering wheel fit like a glove.

Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened when we got back to the dealership. That's right…when you see a yellow Challenger drive by or rather fly by you, please wave and say "Hi."