2013 Hyundai ElantraThe 2013 Hyundai Elantra boasts an engine that weighs much less than its predecessor's and an automatic transmission that makes the car feel light as a feather. The new and improved transmission in the Hyundai Elantra gives the driver a smoother ride and more efficient use of gas. This model also boasts a D-CVVT that lessens the car's emissions.

There are several safety features built into this car, including a traction control system, brake assist, a management system that guarantees the car's stability, side impact beams on both passenger doors, an excellent anti-lock system for the brakes, electronic stability control and brake-force distribution as well as six airbags.

The Elantra's traction control system makes the car's acceleration more stable than it would be otherwise. This means the car is easier to safely control in inclement weather. The brake assist feature can sense when the driver is hitting the break in an emergency and it will allow the car to stop as quickly as possible. Vehicle Stability Management System makes all the car's safety features work as well as they possible can. It helps the various safety features work together to provide a safe driving experience. The side-impact beams protect the car's passengers in the event another vehicle slams into the passenger doors. The anti-lock brake system helps the driver control the car better and makes it less likely the wheels will be locked when the brakes are hit quickly.

The electronic stability control is a feature that cuts down on accidents and deaths. According to the NHTSA cars that have an ESC crash 35% less often than cars that do not have it. It also cuts down on fatalities by 30%. This feature assists the driver in turning safely by ensuring that the correct force is used to brake for the turn.

The Hyundai Elantra 2013 is a sleek, classy looking car. One unique feature is that unlocking this car is easier than ever. With what is known as a proximity key, the driver can simply push a button located on the driver's side door handle and the door will unlock right away. This is a great feature when the driver has their hands full or has young children or an elderly person they want to get into the car quickly.

The Elantra Limited boasts side mirrors that include an indicator to let other drivers know when the turn signal is on. It also comes with a sunroof that is easy to open and close and even has a shade to cover the sunroof. The wheels on the Elantra Limited have seven spokes and are 17 inches, making it easier for the tires to grip the road tightly.

Classified as a midsized car, the Hyundai Elantra boasts more leg room than other cars made in the same year. There is 14.8 cubic feet of space in the car that makes it ideal for weekend road trips. The interior of this car was designed to reduce the harshness, noise and vibration that comes with driving long distances or over rough terrain.

For the gadget lover, this Elantra includes a place to plug in an iPod or other USB device. The Elantra Limited also boasts a navigation screen as well as Bluetooth technology. It also includes a camera that gives the driver a view of what is directly behind the car. This assists the driver in backing up safely as well as parking. The Limited also boasts heated seats in both the front and back of the car.