2016 Kia PHEV Hybrid Kia, just like numerous more brands has set a goal to drastically reduce CO2 emissions and deliver us more efficient vehicles. And here it is: the new PHEV hybrid with reasonable price and tons of sweet features. So, let's see whether Kia managed to achieve its goal, or it is just showing off.

Let's dive straight in numbers and statistics

The vehicle can reach a range of 33 miles in all-electric mode and has CO2 figure of just 37g/km, which further means that company car users pay under 7% benefit-in-taxation in 2016-2017. In terms of drivetrain system, the PHEV is geared with a 2.0-liter direct injection petrol power unit with a total output of 154hp (114kW) and additional 67hp (50kW) via the electric motor. And when working together, both systems generate 375Nm of torque. Powerful, right?

And what about standard equipment and specifications? 2016 Kia PHEV Hybrid

Optima PHEV is a sort of stand-alone model in the whole Optima range. And as any other Optima vehicle and as any other independent hi-tech machine, this one has a lot to show to its customers. In fact, they will deal with big 8.0-inch touch screen navigation, geared with tons of maps, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay systems, Kia Connected Services via TomTom, wireless mobile phone charger and neat 10-speaker premium audio system with Clari-Fi technology.

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In terms of safety features, the sweetie comes with Electronic Stability Control, Vehicle Stability Management and Hill-Start Assist Control.

Exterior styling and appearance

2016 Kia PHEV Hybrid

PHEV proudly shows 17-inch alloys with wrapped around 215/55 R17 tires, LED daytime lights, special "follow-me-home-lightning" and one hell of expressive look. We do see a confident vehicle with muscular and sporty stance. The face expression is bold and it strikes with badass eyes and sporty and simple grille design. The sides show simple, yet effective curves, while the back disappoints. Yep, you read that correctly. It differs from the front and the sides with too much simplicity and not that great design tweaks. However, it still expresses power and confidence, but it is a sort of too simple. However, it does the job neatly, which is also important.

The intelligent systems

Optima PHEV offers tons of impressive-wanna-be technologies. These include Regenerative Braking, Driving Style guide, ECO-DAS (ECOnomy Driver Assistance System) with Coasting Guide Control, Drive Mode Select button and HEV (Hybrid Electric Vehicle) Select switch. In other words, you will be safe, no matter what the circumstances are and you will drive a super efficient vehicle with a sort of its own willpower. Cool.

So, what else should we say? We do like this one and we think Kia team gets more and more serious and more and more devoted into the idea of delivering us some high-quality products. Enjoy!

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