Kia-Soul-SUV-Pack--iF-Design-Award-mediumThe new Kia Soul has been honoured with the iF Product Design. The Track'ster-inspired compact SUV is supposed to be both radiating the genes of its predecessors and the light of the new age.

"The great challenge we faced when designing the second model generation was to preserve the strong, individual character that made the Kia Soul so successful, and at the same time give the design new impulses", says Peter Schreyer, President and Chief Design Officer of Kia Motors Corporation.

The new Kia Soul is indeed entirely new. No body panel has been shared with the previous generation. Inside you get more leg and head room than before and a more overall luxurious feel. The base platform of the Soul is akin to that of the Cee'd which is pretty dynamic. There are two engine choices: a 1.6-liter 132 PS petrol one and a 128 PS diesel one.

The Soul happens to be the first Kia model which can have its roof in a different-than-the-rest color. Add the "SUV Styling Pack" and you'll stand out with a distinctive black roof, piano black bumper garnish, side skirts and wheel arches. The award-carrying Soul has was indeed with that pack.


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