2020 LexusLexus has been named Britain's best car maker for the fourth year running in the Driver Power brands survey, published in Auto Express. The findings come as numerous drivers rated their cars in Britain's most comprehensive ownership survey.

These same owners claim that there's no other manufacturer and brand that delivers as reliable cars s Lexus' cars are. Not only customers like their design and overall expression both inside and out, but also express their satisfaction with machine's performance capabilities and overall technological advancements.

As it seems, closely mirroring the Driver Power New Car survey revealed last week, the Asian brands completely dominate the upper echelons of the survey. Kia, for example, has managed to take the second place, narrowly missed out on the first place, and was followed by Subaru and Mazda. Honda and Toyota are also present in the top 10, all along with some European entries: Skoda, Peugeot, Alfa Romeo and Volvo.

As it seems, Lexus continues its confident journey through the ranks and recently has proven itself to be worthy of all the awards and recognitions the team has received. We are eager what else is there for us in the future from such a prominent automaker as Lexus!

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The Driver Power 2020 top 10 brands: Lexus Kia Subaru Mazda Skoda Toyota Honda Peugeot Alfa Romeo Volvo