So, this year's New York International Auto Show will become the venue of the descending sedans...from Japan. First there's the Nissan Altima with its dreary ad/teaser campaign. Then yesterday, Toyota announced their plans to reveal a "stunning" sedan. And now... Toyota tease another Sedan. Well, I'm saying Toyota, but I actually mean Lexus – It's the new, sixth generation of the ES.

There's not much to be said really. We are looking at a typical spindle grilled, LED laden thing. Lexus say that the new ES is bound to deliver a "new dynamic driving experience" yet, if they stick to the old 3.5 V6 Toyota engine used in the previous generation, that would be questionable. It's not a bad engine by any means but the aspect of "new" is what bothers us here. Luckily, rumor has it that now the sixth gen range may get a hybrid drivetrain. While, that makes us hardly excited, it is a glimmer of diversity.

The Lexus press conference will take place on Wednesday, April 4th at 11:20 a.m. EDT at the New York International Auto Show. Then, the Lexus ES will be all ours to look at. Until then we can carry on with our lives.

Lexus ES teaser

Source: Lexus