LUMMA DESIGN has recently released one of their latest tunings of the Porsche Cayenne Turbo under the name CLR 558 GT and now is aiming towards the diesel versions. It was improved to the performance power of the 600 hp (441 kW), and in it was mounted a broader CLR 558 GT aerodynamic kit. The exterior of the vehicle is painted in gloss black and is complemented with the CLR 22-inch wheels by LUMMA Design, also in black. LUMMA Design is also made modifications on the chassis, the sound and the interior.

The German tuners are offering now increased performance for this Cayenne Diesel. The tuning group improved the diesel engine with D-Power-Box, which is an additional electronic system and now draws out a whopping 280 hp (206 kW) instead of the standard 245 hp. Hence, the torque increases from 550 to the tremendous 630 Nm (464 lb-ft). As usual, LUMMA Design continues to offer an increased performance for the 4.8-liter V8 turbo gasoline engine by a moderate 100 hp (74 kW) or by considerably more horsepower to 600 hp (441 kW). In addition, LUMMA Design sports muffler guarantees a sportier rear appearance, thank to the highly-visible and centrally-positioned 80- and 100-mm-diameter tailpipes. For vehicles with a tow bar, the tuner will soon offer a 4-pipe exhaust system with left and right 4x100mm tailpipes. Moreover, for gasoline engines, there is provided a complete, stainless steel sport exhaust system.

2012 Lumma CLR 558 GT Porsche Cayenne

To go further into details, the LUMMA Design Body Kit CLR 558 GT consists of a front spoiler with fog lights and LED daytime lights in extravagantly-formed air inlets plus racing grill, a rear valance with diffuser optics, powerful front and rear fender extensions, new side skirts and the lettering "CLR 558 GT". All components are largely made of PUR-RIM in OEM quality. In addition, this body kit can be improved by other supplementing components, such as tailgate spoiler that can be easily adhered to the tailgate. Furthermore, the high-quality, new-styled LUMMA Design sport-look lightweight engine hood is available from carbon/Kevlar composite material as well as from the motor sport material. Next, the headlights of the CLR 558 GT are refined by a set of headlight covers. There is also a set of covers for the rear lights. In addition, the tuners have included four LED's on the vehicle floor on the left and right sides. They light up when the doors are opened or unlocked and show the passengers the way into the vehicle.

For the complete wheel sets there is a choice of two 22-inch options. The first wheel set includes new 10- or 12x22-inch sports rim LUMMA "CLR 22" in matte black or silver; and the second wheel set, named "Racing 3", has a single-piece rim featuring a multi-piece look and glossy polished stainless steel outer rim.

Furthermore, LUMMA Design achieves a slightly lower center of gravity and more agile handling. This is due to the installation of an electronic lowering module or lowering springs, depending on which option the Cayenne has.

The interior of the Cayenne is improved by two-tone leather and Alcantara upholstery. There is also featured a wide range of additional accessories. Designed ergonomically and produced with elegant. The bicolor black-red leather interior, combined with Alcantara with contrasting color stitching, captures the attention immediately. The classic red seat belt completes the perfect look. The cockpit includes colored instrument dials in red as well as stainless steel door scuff plates with an illuminated LUMMA logo. The pedals and the foot rest are also transformed with aluminum. There is also included a foot mat made of high quality velour with an embroidered emblem and real leather edging.

2012 Lumma CLR 558 GT Porsche Cayenne Interior

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