Lumma Design are famous with their styling and performance updates. One of their latest projects is 2010 Porsche Cayenne Diesel, which received a number of upgrades such as performance package, optics kit, alloys set and some interior changes.

The performance upgrade includes D-Box, which is a plug-and-play solution for increasing the power of the diesel engine under the bonnet from 240 to 276hp and the torque become 630Nm instead of 550. Besides the better acceleration, Lumma Porsche Cayenne Diesel is more fuel efficient because of the bigger torque.

The optics engine package features red-coated covers and a crest logo made of metal, with the top-quality materials emphasising the increased power of the diesel engine.

Lumma Design Porsche Cayenne Diesel stands on enormous 10Jx20" wheels at the front and 11Jx23" at the back.

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The twin exhaust pipe deflectors made from burnished and chrome-plated stainless steel give the Cayenne Diesel an individual touch while the two 90 millimetre pipes give the vehicle an especially sporty finish.

Inside the SAV features matt aluminium door sill panels with the machined LUMMA logo on them. The boot floor mat also has the LUMMA Design crest logo on it. The set of four LUMMA car floor mats for the interior are also edged with genuine animal skin. The pedal covers from LUMMA Design manage to combine style with safety. The built-in rubber nubs ensure that the driver's feet don't slip off the pedals.

All tuning parts from Lumma Design come with TÜV certificate, so the vehicle owner can easily include the parts with the rest of the car's documentation. Further information about price list you can receive at the LUMMA Design's headquarters in Winterlingen.