2020 Mazda Coupe VehiclesAs a preferred layout for attractive and futuristic design since the 1930s, the traditional two-door coupe has long been seen as one of the most stylish and sexy designs in the automobile world. From the elegant high-class appeal of the early European coupes to the outstanding and extravagant American variants, these vehicles tend to focus more on style rather than anything else.

What is also notable about the coupe segment, is the performance-enhancing structure. Many of the coupes feature rigid and aerodynamic bodies, all along with lightweight materials and enhanced performance rates. And all of these are central elements of Mazda's product philosophy. In fact, the Japanese manufacturer has been setting coupe benchmarks since its foundation. As you may know, its first vehicle was a coupe – an affordable and practical, the 2.96m-long Mazda R360 was also the lightest vehicle ins class! Sweet!

Mazda's first performance vehicle was also a coupe, unveiled at the 1964 Tokyo Motor Show. Back then the Japanese manufacturer revealed the Cosmo Sport 110S – world's first sports car with a twin-rotor power unit. With its futuristic looks and peculiar engine roar, this machine marked the beginning of an illustrious age of unconventional rotary sports coupes at Mazda.

2020 Mazda Coupe Vehicles

However, the big strike came with the unveiling of the Familia/R100 and Capella/616/RX-2 series – the respective forerunners to the well-known Mazda3 and Mazda6, all along with the Grand Familia. A few years later, Mazda also revealed its stunning Luce R130 coupe. Designed at Bertone by Giorgetto Giugiaro, it was brand's only front wheel-driven rotary model and is now a sought-after collector's item. Furthermore, the hardtop coupe version was available with an AP (Anti-Pollution) rotary that improved emissions and enhanced the overall fuel economy.

In the following years, Mazda has unveiled numerous more coupes as the RX-7, brand's unique approach towards the late 70s. Then came the Eunos Cosmo, the Japan-exclusive sports coupe built from 1990 to 1995. This was the only production vehicle with a three-rotor power unit. It was capable of producing 300hp via a twin-turbo 20B-REV engine. Furthermore, the vehicle introduced some new cutting-edge technologies as the first built-in GPS system and a touch-screen display. Neat!

2020 Mazda Coupe Vehicles

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In recent days, Mazda continues to push design boundaries beyond the conventional limits and reveals numerous sexy and advanced vehicles. Such is the new MX-5 Roadster Coupe, the RF's one-of-a-kind- power hardtop. What is special about it is that it features Mazda's new design concept: Kodo: Soul of Motion. Adopted by numerous contemporary models, the design concept has been a key feature in the award-winning models as the latest Mazda3 model. Sweet!

2020 Mazda Coupe Vehicles

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