Mazda Motor Corporation has announced that its national sales company (NSC) in Turkey launched its new sales network in early June 2008.

Mazda transferred responsibility for the Turkish market to Mazda Motor Europe (MME) in 2007, and the new NSC in Turkey was established in September 2007. Since then, further preparations were made toward the launch of operations in Istanbul in early June. The company was officially established as Mazda Motor Logistics Europe N.V. Merkezi Belçika Türkiye Istanbul Şubesi. Mr. Steve Newton was appointed managing director of the new distributor on June 2, 2008, and operations began on June 5. Mazda's distributor has 10 employees, with 22 sales outlets in Turkey.

Mazda's distributor in Turkey plays a unifying role in several areas of the Mazda business, including importation and distribution of Mazda-brand vehicles, parts and accessories; technical and servicing support; sales, marketing and public relations campaigns; and efforts to strengthen the company's brand image and sales networks.

The full-scale commencement of sales operations for Mazda's distributor in Turkey is part of Mazda's successful and ongoing strategy to establish wholly owned distribution subsidiaries in Europe. Now with 21 national sales companies doing business in 39 countries, Mazda controls over 90 percent of its sales volume in the European market through wholly owned subsidiaries.

Mazda will continue to strengthen its brand image and further develop its sales network in Europe as key elements of the mid-term Mazda Advancement Plan.