What we have here, is a dictionary example of the phrase "publicity stunt". "Dynomyte" Dave Seymour is the current owner of  almost a century old relic, commonly known as a wall of death. Built in the 20s, this mini circuit/arena measures just 31-foot in diameter and has 16-foot high walls. It was, and still is made almost entirely out of wood. Recently, after a 3-year long refurbishment, "Dynomyte" Dave and his family, based in Cornwall, named this, the world's oldest wall of death, the Demon Drome. And they did it rightfully so. As a team, Mr Seymour, his daughter Alabama and son Duke have mastered it to perfection. To see them all scattering inside on 1920s Indian Scout motorcycles won't be such an uncommon sight. Endure blood clotting 4gs of gravitational force while while crossing your legs nonchalantly on a bike? No problem.

Do it in a car, and things get a bit more... complicated. This is where our slightly modified Mazda2 comes into play. The guys from Kent-based Jota Sport, responsible for the MX-5 GT trophy machine, fiddled...removed all the seats and installed a harness laden bucket sole seat so that "Dynomyte" Dave can remain behind the wheel even when things get a bit vertical. A Mazda official had also been present, because apparently, unplugging the 2's electronic stability system and airbags is a complicated enough procedure.

Other "improvements" also account for the removal of the fog lights thus allowing more flexibility in the bumper area. Also the suspension has been beefened up as the car is supposed to take in much centrifugal force which normally will take its toll on a normal damping system.

So the Mazda2 is light, sturdy and, with the model's flagship 1.5 liter, 105 hp Sport setup, is quite powerful and fit for the job

Enough preludes and smalltalk. See the dramatic culmination by yourselves.

P.S. - Mr Seymour's son, Duke is not there at the middle just for show. His task is to skillfully give directions to his father during the stunt as we all cross our fingers that this ends well.

Mazda2 on the Wall of Death

Source: Mazda

Video Source: YouTube