Mercedes-Benz B-Class Electric Drive Concept is the newest addition to Mercedes-Benz's family of electric vehicles. It is going to make its first world appearance at the Paris Motor Show, showing that it is a battery-powered electric variant of the B-Class.

Being in just a concept stage of development, this vehicle is one of the first models to incorporate the term "Electric Drive" into its model designation. In future, the lettering will adorn the boot lids of all battery-powered electric passenger cars from the brand.

B-Class Electric Drive offers comfortable and enjoyable driving experience. The difference with the common B-Class is the so-called Energy Space in the floor. It is positioned in front of the rear axle and ensures that the concept vehicle offers the same amount of space inside.

In addition to this, the Energy Space ensures safe and space-saving means of accommodating the powerful lithium-ion battery. The latter also has a beneficial effect on the vehicle's centre of gravity.

In particular the car is equipped with a 100 kW electric motor whose powerful 310 Newton meters of torque provide for attractive driving dynamics over a range of 200 kilometres. The battery can be charged at any standard domestic 230 V power outlet or at a 400 V high-voltage terminal.

The family-friendly electric car is nearly ready for series production, with the market launch already planned for 2014. The Paris Motor Show will also feature the world premieres of the production versions of the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Coupé Electric Drive and the smart BRABUS electric drive.

Source: Mercedes-Benz