2014 Mercedes-Benz S-Class has been finally and officially revealed today. Two weeks ago a leak image has been introduced and showed the exclusivity of the model. Now, the pictures released from the luxury brand are mainly of the interior which offers more than ecstatic experience.

A number of new features specifically related to comfort and safety are to be found in the new S-Class. The interior design is the embodiment of a classic, serene and yet ultra-modern luxury sedan. It combines driving pleasure, spatial and operating comfort at the highest level.

The materials used here are wood trim, which is to be found on the dashboard and centre console, and metallised switch surfaces with pearl-effect paint finishes in three colour shades In addition, the design and exclusivity of the seats, door panels and all controls are to the same, high standard as the front.

The traditional instrument cluster is replaced by a radically redesigned display that extends in front of the driver. It offers numerous of functions and appears to be free-floating. Additionally, two high-resolution colour displays serve as the new information centre in the S-Class.

On the other hand, Mercedes-Benz has raised the seating and climatic comfort in the S-Class to a new level. There is a choice of five different rear seat variants including an Executive seat with a backrest angle. In fact the seating and climatic control is additionally enhanced via a wide range of features such as massage function with 14 separately actuated air cushions in the backrest.

For the first time the brand has included reversing fans in order to active the seat ventilation system. In this way, the rotational direction of the fan, and the airflow within the seat structure, can be reversed. Another world first is the optional heated armrests and door centre panels in the front and rear. There is also optional heated steering wheel and particularly fast-responding seat heating Plus.

What is ore to be highlight are three new features which enhance the safety in the rear: in the belt buckle feeder an electric motor automatically raises and lowers the buckle. The beltbag is an inflatable seat-belt strap that minimizes the risk of injury to passengers in the rear in a head-on collision by lessening the strain on the ribcage. The reclining seat is fitted with a cushionbag as standard. This prevents the occupant from sliding under the belt in the event of an accident.

Another world first is the "active perfuming system" included here which is part of the AIR BALANCE package. The same package includes an enhanced filtering of the outside air fed into the vehicle interior by the climate control system, and of the air recirculating in the interior in air recirculation mode.

The new 2014 S-Class will offer to its occupants unique multimedia experience. The multimedia generation includes intuitive operation. The multi-user system allows independent access to the media sources of the entertainment system from any seat. For instance, the driver control function, which is able to route any audio or video source to the display and headset of any passenger.

In addition, the S-Class is the first sedan car to include Frontbass system as standard. What's left to be mentioned is the centrepiece of the new COMAND Online system which is the Intel Atom. The latter is a processor whose performance fully equals that of components in the latest laptops.

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Source: Mercedes-Benz