2015 GLC ConceptWith a well-known manner and style, Mercedes-Benz shows its latest masterpiece, that is indeed the Concept GLC Coupe. The idea behind the vehicle is to combine the well-known and successful GLE formula with compact style and more aggressive character. And as always, Mercedes-Benz team has done the job with German precision and passion, that only a few other have, when it comes to creating not just a vehicle, but a piece of art.

And really the Concept shows some incredible design. The front strikes you with aggressive lines and overall badass look, supported by the radiator grille, the large side air intake units and of course by all the trim elements, that are not only geared to bring maximum performance, but also to show some ready-to-conquer sporty design.

But definitely the design wonders don't end here. The side profile of the SUV shows some incredible lines, that continue the sporty and aggressive affair, shown in the front. The roofline is lowered and further-restyled, just to fit perfectly with the recessed door handles and the side window blends. Further thrill and dynamics are added by the widened shoulders and wheel lips. In fact, all the extreme proportions bring the feeling of massiveness and domination. This SUV is definitely a machine, that is especially built to rule over every terrain.

The rear is precisely 78.7 inch wide and shows muscular and widened back shoulders, that support the 21-inch wheels. There are four stainless-steel tailpipes and a A-wing, that together blend to create not only striking visuals, but to boost the overall sporty performance of the SUV.

The overall styling of the Concept is tight, direct and makes clear, that this vehicle is especially created to take challenges on the road and not to be the beauty-queen-on-the-prom-night.

With a great exterior comes a great engine. The heart of the beast is a V6 powerplant, that produces a total of 367 hp (270 kW) and 384 lb-ft (520 Nm). In fact, the drive system has similar genes with the AMG line. This means, that the Bi-Turbo engine is connected with a 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic gearbox, that together work in perfect harmony with the 4MATIC all-wheel drive system. All the engine system units are especially built and connected to each other just to ensure impressive performance, fast response and overall sporty feel.

The Concept SUV machine deserves its place in the SUV line of Mercedes-Benz. Surely a vehicle, that deserves our attention. So, tell me what you think of the Concept GLC Coupe?

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