The German-based Miranda Media has released exclusive concept sketches of own-designed VW Corrado. Mega interested in the question "how the nowadays VW Corrado for serial production would look like", the specialists at Miranda have developed four conceptual sketches that represent their own vision for a new sports ride in its serial production and tuning appeal.

"That's exactly what the new VW Corrado should look like, and no way else", says Patrick Moczarsky, a professional designer and graphic artist of Miranda Media.

The Volkswagen Corrado is regarded as the last true sports coupe built by the renowned German manufacturer. The last Corrado has left the brand's assembly line at the Karmann plant in Osnabruck, Germany in the distant 1996. The new concept from Miranda blends uniquely the old model's sporty nature with the future sports car styling.

"it's time to say goodbye to the old outfit!", says Miranda.

In their sketches, Miranda pays homage to one of the most significant highlights of the old Corrado, the rear spoiler that automatically deploy when the ride reaches 45 miles per hour. Moreover, the sketched concept boasts Schmidt Revolution light alloys, flat roof and a remarkably aggressive body styling. The hood lines of the vehicle are well shaped between the sporty styled headlights rendering sophisticated expression. In addition to the mean look, the creative Miranda designers have placed large air vents in the front and rear end, which further emphasize the street look of the future Corrado.

"We realize, of course, that Volkswagen will not present such a car right now, but the flight of imagination is so fascinating that it won't give us a moment's rest", says Patrick Moczarsky from Miranda Media.

Miranda Media VW Corrado (2010) - picture 1 of 4
Miranda Media VW Corrado (2010) - picture 2 of 4
Miranda Media VW Corrado (2010) - picture 3 of 4
Miranda Media VW Corrado (2010) - picture 4 of 4