Kia-Sports-Concept-Teaser-mediumThe first image (sort of) of an upcoming unnamed Kia concept is here, and we are feeling curious.

What is it?

All we know is that we are talking about a "stunning" 2+2 sports car designed at Kia's Irvine, California-based studio. Hey, at least its not another compact SUV nonsense. Also, it kind of looks like a baby Veyron.

Is it going to gold-plated or what?

We highly doubt it, but if it is, may we suggest calling it the "Calf"? Don't want to get too biblical here, but if it does turn out to be something ridiculously expensive and luxurious, it will be a type of heresy against the Kia way. That is, cheap, affordable and sensible. Then again, we'd like to see what happens when they flex their muscles.

We have nothing else, really. Kia promises full disclosure at the North American International Auto Show where this thing will make its world debut. Detroit it is then.

Source: Kia